Product Spotlight



Quick Version…
We are small, we are proud, and we have unmatched energy to bring you amazing products.
We formulate products that work and have clinical evidence to prove it.
All active ingredients in our formulas are listed with full disclosure on our labels so you know exactly what you are putting in your body and exactly how much. We will always use high quality ingredients you can trust at doses that work. We will NEVER use artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, or dyes. They can be extremely harmful so why does every other supplement company use them!?

We are a tiny company. A little David amongst so many Goliaths. A true UNDERDOG. We are not part of a larger company that forces us to formulate cheap products, hide the levels of each ingredient per serving, and then out-advertise our competition. Nope…We do not have some overfed finance geek that hasn’t worked out since middle school yelling at us to hit specified sales goals or margin percentages. It is just us…with a clear objective to fill part of the gaping hole in our industry, one distinctly better product at a time.

We will NEVER formulate a product to hit a certain price point so we can sell below our competitors’ prices. Never. Instead, we promise to use well-defined and targeted function form the basis of every product we bring to you.  This is a tougher business model to follow but UNDERDOGS are not used to following the path of least resistance. We’re up for the challenge.

Every product we formulate for you will be measurably better than what you’re used to. We fully expect to change expectations and push trends in the dietary supplement industry. We will always use clinically researched ingredients at proven dose levels. Additionally, we will never use any artificial sweeteners, flavors, fragrances, or dyes like so many other companies do. Never. Would you ever dream of spraying extra pesticides on your fresh blueberries even if it made them taste better? Would you ever brush synthetic dyes on organic steaks that you are grilling for your family even if it made them prettier? Of course not…and now there is a supplement company with the exact same mentality.